Wikipedia and COVID-19


As a multimedia designer at the Wikimedia Foundation (the nonprofit that hosts Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects), I design and develop web pages to bring attention to our work and the work of all the Wikimedians around the world. Amidst a global pandemic, reliable information is crucial. We created a resource to highlight the role of Wikipedia in these unprecedented times. I designed and developed this web page.

“We believe knowledge is a human right. People need equitable access to trustworthy, reliable information more than ever. Thanks to the hard work of our network of volunteers around the world, more than 5,200 Wikipedia articles about the pandemic have been created in 175 languages. These articles have been visited more than 503 million times.” —

Some screenshots:

Wikipedia_Covid_screenshot1_cropped Wikipedia_Covid_screenshot2

As the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, Katherine Maher, has said “What happens in the world happens on Wikipedia.”



Wikipedia, does not just mean English Wikipedia, all around the world people are looking for reliable information and volunteers around the world work hard to make knowledge freely available.

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