The Nature of News


Reconstruction of feeling of overwhelmingness.
An interactive, audiovisual comment on the
nature (state) & perception of news.
“We can only focus on so much.“

I used OpenFrameworks, Spacebrew, HTML and Javascript. Here’s a behind the scenes demo. Depending on where I look or rather according to my head orientation, the corresponding video is sharp and the audio slightly louder than the others.

For this project I also looked into the field of eye tracking. This is what I have so far. I intend to optimize the performance for other projects. See the blogpost for my Physical Computing class for info about this.

Since I was interested in this for the use in various interactive projects I explored it more. Also with the help of other existing works like the EyeWriter. Find out more at my github repo.

My first big project in Parsons and in the Design + Technology Program. Visit my Design + Technology Blog for all my projects at Parsons!