Talenthouse Landing Page


This is how the new Landing Page of www.talenthouse.com looks like, since the relaunch of the site on April 20, 2014.  The final result implemented by the developer team matched my mock-ups exactly.

The background image by artists of the Talenthouse community changes on refresh. Some photos I use for my mock-ups are by Joel Sossa and Daniel Fuchs.


This design is simple yet powerful as it features the core of the platform: the creative community and their work. As you look closer there is a subtle pattern overlay on the background image, this helps to make this layout look good on different display sizes.

As directions for the product changed during development my mock-ups did, as well. See earlier drafts below. The idea then was to constantly update the number of people that have been reached through the platform in the last month. When scrolling down featured blog posts are shown, thus the user gets a sense of what is going on in our creative community.

Landingpage0_hang1 Landingpage0_hang2 Landingpage0_hang3 LandingpageII LandingpageIII LandingpageIV LandingpageV